Politics / Government

UK to Allow Women Soldiers to Serve in Close Combat Roles

Women will be allowed to fight in combat roles in the infantry and tank units from November, announced the British prime minister. This will then extend to all areas of the armed forces by 2018 end, including the infantry, air force, and marines. Women are already engaged in frontline duties, including serving on submarines and as fighter pilots.


Marry a Child in Tanzania And Face 30 Years in Prison

Tanzania has just taken a huge step toward eliminating child marriage. Now, a man who marries or impregnates a school-age girl faces up to 30 years in prison. Sex with underage girls was already a criminal offense, but previously girls as young as 14 could be married if her parents or a court approved. The new law ends that allowance.

Science & Technology

Harvard Research Links Fluoridated Water to ADHD, Autism

Researchers from Harvard School of Public Health found that the fluoride chemicals added to public water systems directly contribute to both mental and behavioral disorders in children. Based on earlier research that dubbed fluoride as a developmental neurotoxicant, the review included other studies that linked fluoride to lowered IQ in children.


Pesticide, Not Zika Virus, the Cause of Microcephaly: Study

The New England Complex Systems Institute questioned the connection between Zika and microcephaly, after 1500 confirmed Zika cases of microcephaly was found in Brazil, but none in Colombia. They cite the pesticide pyriproxyfen, used in drinking water in Brazil to kill the larvae of the Zika mosquitos, to be the possible cause of microcephaly.

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